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MichaelBastien- Animation Demo
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MichaelBastien- Commercial Reel
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Video Game Demo
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Michael is a Vancouver based voice actor that graduated from On the Mic's Full Time Program. He is exceptionally skilled in many forms of voice over including animation, commercials, dubbing, and video games. His voice is energetic, friendly, compassionate, and trusting. Andrew's enthusiasm is contagious and he's a hardworking team player.

Characters I've Voiced


"I’ve had the great pleasure of teaching and working with Michael in a number of VO classes over the years. He brings an enthusiasm and energy to every project he is an part of and he is very knowledgeable in voice over and animation pop culture.
Michael would be an excellent addition to your project."


-Jason Simpson


"Michael is an absolute delight to work with.He is nimble when taking direction and has great comedic chops! He has a wide range and brings an earnest and authentic energy to all of his many characters.He is attentive and professional in the studio and I sincerely look forward to working with him again."

-Erin Mathews



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